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How to Make a Wreath Part 2.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Continuing with the moss ring as demonstrated with part 1: Dressing the base you'll need some evergreens; such as Nordman fir, rosemary, eucalyuptus etc. But firstly you'll also need to attach a wire loop or strong jute string (don't forget to add a piece of ribbon because the wire can be invisible) for attaching to a door or whatever you're wanting to decorate.

After inserting a basic covering of Nordman fir (or similar), you'll need to start adding pine cones as demonstrated in the next sequence and they need to be wired before attaching to the foliaged ring.

Continue adding evergreens with different varieties for a more aesthetic look and create tonal texture by embellishing with seasonal berries such a vibernum steelberry etc.

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