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All flowers provided are seasonal and from available stock that we can purchase from a mixed group of growers/suppliers. Colours and flower choice changes throughout the year and helps keep costs at a minimum. 

If you prefer a personal choice, please call the shop number

No deliveries Saturday, 20th July

Important Notice

Take your time with the order/purchase process


​For those who are purchasing a gift for delivery: Remember, you are purchasing for someone else and not delivering to yourself

After you've chosen a bouquet, price, greeting message etc for recipient - click Add to Cart

  • The next page My Cart - Please click the drop down menu for the correct delivery fee - There is a drop down menu below the Subtotal - (TotnesTown/B'town>>>).

  • Totnes is part of a huge district in the South Hams, Torbay, and Teignbridge and the TQ9 postcode is a vast rural area of South Hams.

  • TQ9 5 is for Totnes town only. If it's TQ9 6 lower or higher, you'll need to click the correct district area.

  • A top-up payment will be requested if you are unsure which delivery option is for your order.

  • If you're collecting the bouquet, the option is at the bottom of the drop down list and free/no fee



  • Please do not provide the recipient email address in the customer email address; Only provide your own otherwise you will not receive a receipt and the recipient will receive your details instead including how much you spent.

  • Customer name is not your own name it's the Recipient's name (unless you are sending to yourself)

  • Shipping Address is the Recipient address (this is different to the Billing Address (unless you are sending to yourself

  • UNTICK Billing address is same as Shipping address - unless you are sending to yourself. Your payment method could be blocked for your own security to prevent fraud

Please read the above information; it's very important

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