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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Flowers Gallery

Examples of Bearded Florista's style - Click images for info - Click heart to like and share socially

Outside wedding ceremony space
Floral Towers on a Gazebo
gazebo with floral arrangements
Outside wedding ceremony layout with wooden gazebo, lawn, chairs, brick walled garden and floral arrangements

Floral Garden Runner

Close-up image of a ceremony aisle floral garden runner that you can see in the image above.

Floral garden style runner

Floral Garden Runner

These carefully crafted floral designs are perfect for use on long trestle tables and usually placed between the serving platter space. They are designed to avoid obstructing guest views across the table and they don't interfere with the service space. They're a cost effective bonus because they're initially used to decorate the ceremony aisle, beside the aisle seats. 

Ceremony and Reception Floral Arrangements

The Great Hall, Dartington Estate: Saturday 9th September 2023 ~ Jade and William Burrows

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