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How to make a moss wreath

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

The following images are a step-by-step guide with how to assemble a moss ring for the base of a wreath; Christmas or any other seasonal style...

You will need a copper ring or similar support. Dependent on how large the wreath you want to create, you will need to determine the internal strength. This example is a medium size (30cm d.) and only requires one ring. A larger wreath requires two rings wired together for strength, which will prevent the weight gravitating the base and forming an egg/pear shape.

Tools required: Copper ring or similar such as a plaited willow or cornus ring, roll of strong steel wire and a pair scissors or wire cutters and ample sustainable moss. Bearded Florista can provide a wreath kit if you'd like to make your own at home. Contact

For prolonged use, keep the wreath outside on a door to welcome your seasonal guests; a moss ring helps keep the wreath fresh for at least four weeks. You can help sustain a fresh wreath by misting the reverse side of the moss ring with fresh water

Keep following for the next stage; How to decorate a moss ring Part 2

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