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Wedding Flowers Enquiry Form

Please read the following information before proceeding: The enquiry form will help you start the next process for planning your wedding. The following enquiry is for couples who are planning a medium to large wedding and love Bearded Florista's style and you're looking for help with creating a dream vision into reality. Bearded Florista will manage all the details including a dedicated consultation team, hire of sundries, location visits, packing/unpacking/delivery of goods, set-up/installation, reuse of items from one location to another and top-up any damaged or tired stock (extreme heat, inclement weather for e.g.) and clear-up/packing/tidy collection, disposal of unwanted floral arrangements with green waste management at a local commercial recycling centre. All fields require completion; if you don't know what to say, simply note TBC or NA otherwise the form will not send.


Wedding Planners: If you're completing on behalf of clients due to non disclosure, please provide your own name. Proceeding further that requires an NDA will involve our solicitor to verify and the client must pay the legal fee. Our reputation and discretion is paramount and we expect the same in return.

Bearded Florista will reply with an invitation and discuss further prior to providing an estimate and confirmation of wedding date. Please reply to the email invitation within 48 hours, because consultation dates and times in the diary change daily. 

Please check your SPAM/JUNK file for replies within 24 hours, Monday to Saturday - 9.30am to 4.30pm

Click for Important Information - Terms and Conditions for Wedding Contracts

* required field completion or the form will not send

Wedding Flowers Enquiry Form

Wedding Flowers Wish-list
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  • Please check your spam/junk file for replies if not in your Inbox within 24 hours (mon-fri)-

  • Replies: Monday to Friday - 9.30am to 4.30pm

  • Ensure no typos with your email, or we cannot reply

  • Please call 01803868983 if no reply within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

Please check your SPAM/JUNK file for replies: We reply Monday to Friday - 9.30am to 4.30pm - Please ensure no typos - otherwise we can't reply. If we do not reply within 24 hours, please call 01803868983

Bearded Florista's customised Full Wedding Flowers Option requires a minimum budget of £1,500. Bearded Florista provides high end quality fresh flowers, valued expertise, skill and time. To confirm your wedding date with Bearded Florista requires a †booking fee of £350 (minimum) and higher booking fee of up to 50% will be required for larger events or if event is within three months of initial enquiry requires 100%. Please complete and submit the enquiry form. *Required fields or the form will not send

Important information - Full Terms and Conditions

†booking fee is not a deposit and is non refundable. The fee Bearded Florista receives is a payment towards your wedding flowers service and is deducted from your final balance. The fee is for services provided, such as time spent discussing ideas, emails, phone calls, estimates, invoices, potential site visits and sketches/photos if requested. Any sketches/images remain the intellectual property/copyright of Bearded Florista. The booking fee might be higher for particular dates such as Mothers Day weekend, Easter, Christmas/New Year and other Bank Holidays and large scale weddings.

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