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Kate Nicoli & Richard (Narbs) Narborough's Lemon Fresh Wedding at the Kingston Estate

Kate & Richard made contact, March 2017, by email after browsing the Blue Geranium website , which they were guided to by Marie-Anne the Wedding Coordinator at Kingston Estate. The brief was concise because Kate & Narbs had firm ideas of what they wanted and how their special day would look, which included ideas on a Pinterest board. Large and bold blooms were evident on the board, which included fabulous Coral Sunset peonies and lemons, which initially intrigued us until all was explained during their consultation. The following albums will hopefully offer you a wonderful insight into their beautiful wedding.


Kate's large bridal bouquet of mixed tonal shades of ivory, blush and greenery with a bold contrasting splash of Coral Sunset peonies.


Abundance of floral arrangements prior to delivery at the Kingston Estate. The van was filled twice in order to provide all the arrangements.


A taster for arriving guests as they approach and enter the main house. To greet guests upon arrival at the foot of the house entrance, a pair of matching classical containers with white hydrangea plants with lush green Boston ferns, a lush green and white long and low on the mantle-piece in the Marble Hall and a tall classical pedestal and urn at the foot of the staircase.


One of Kate's special requests was to decorate the footbridge from the house, which leads to the ceremony space on the lawn in the walled garden. First image indicates the standard set-up with the white railings, followed by how Kate wanted the footbridge to look as she approached the ceremony aisle. White muslin draped over the railings, dressed with branches of birch and completed with two large arrangements of ivory, white and greenery


The ceremony space took place in the walled garden, which is situated at the rear of the house to the West. Guests were protected by a temporary stretch marquee in case of inclement weather and as it happened it helped cover against the burning sunshine.


Whilst the happy couple and guests enjoyed a champagne reception immediately after the ceremony, we moved floral arrangements from the ceremony gazebo to the Wedding Breakfast in the Barn on the estate, which is only a short walk from the main house. We reused the floral arrangements from the ceremony gazebo to decorate the outside of the barn entrance and the pedestal arrangement from the house staircase beside table plan at the foot of the barn staircase.


The Wedding Breakfast was held in the Barn, which accommodated 19 round tables for approximately 150 guests. Nine tables contained tall hour glass vases (75 cm) that were filled with lemons and topped up with water, which magnified the bright yellow fruit. Each vase was complete with a sphere of lush greenery including variegated pittosporum, pistachio, vibernum snowball, lace-cap hydrangeas and complemented with ivory and white Snowball hydrangeas, stocks, matricaria feverfew, Avalanche roses and a lemon or two. The remaining 10 tables were decorated with alternative designs in the form of low-level floral rings of coordinating flowers and foliage with lemons and complete with an ice bucket for chilled white wine.

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