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Floral Towers

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

By Autumn 2021 we considered what we could do to upscale our floral designs for weddings and other events after a crazy summer with back to back weddings that included the 2020 postponed dates from the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. We contacted a metal art designer called William at Wedding Metal Art - William has made several metal designs for us over the years, including large metal chandelier rings, ranging from 1.3m diameter to 2.8m diameter. After initial discussion via instagram DM, he helped us introduce new equipment for 2022. We discussed ideas of a simple metal pole with a metal base plate and he replied with something much better by showing us a design that he's produced; tall metal ladder towers with a heavy metal base. These heavy metal frames are sturdy and help us craft large floral towers that seriously enhance any space. Each tower is approx. 2 meters tall without the added curve section. Each section can be dismantled into shorter sections.

wood structure with metal towers
Wooden ceremony gazebo

Tall metal tower with added curve section

metal tower structure with wooden structure
Close up of a metal frame for the base of a floral towers in front of a wooden gazebo


Jamie and Ryan's Good Friday wedding - 15th April 2022

This wedding marks the first use of the new floral towers and the following image indicates the reuse from the Walled Garden and set in place between the panoramic windows in the Hayloft at the Kingston Estate. This design was the instigator that helped us with our decision for upscaling. Jamie and Ryan requested help decorate the space between the panoramic windows that would look like a garden growing from the floor up to the ceiling. Bearded Florista contacted William at Wedding Metal Art to obtain the metal towers so that we could create a green and white floral design between the windows.

Floral flower with view of a garden
Floral Tower

floral towers with panoramic windows, long tables and chairs
Floral towers

Jamie & Ryan's wedding ceremony gazebo in the Walled Garden at the Kingston Estate. Post ceremony the towers were transported to the nearby Hayloft for their wedding breakfast celebration.

floral towers in front of wooden structure and green lawn
Floral towers with wooden gazebo

floral towers, wooden structure and green lawn with a brick wall in the background
Angle view of floral towers on a wooden gazebo


Kat & Karl's wedding extravaganza - Saturday, 13th August 2022

The wedding ceremony gazebo is a focal point in the Walled Garden at the Kingston Estate and Kat's vision involved a full floral arch with a backdrop to draw the space in closer. An abundance of lush summer foliage and flowers filled the towers with an extension across the fascia.

, flowers on a table
large floral arch

Post marriage ceremony the towers were placed outside the Longbarn to greet guests for the cake cutting ceremony.

floral towers, barn doors
Floral towers at entrance to a barn


The following image shows the towers with a dense foliage dressing, before adding the floral magic.

foliage towers on wooden structure wit a green lawn and brick wall
Foliage towers

The foliage towers with splashes of bright floral colour...

floral towers, wooden structure, green lawn, brick wall
Floral towers

Due to inclement weather the above floral design was quickly moved inside to the Longbarn for Shriddha and Nick's wedding, Saturday 4th June, which also landed on the same day as the Platinum Jubilee weekend for H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

After moving the towers in the pouring rain from the Walled Garden, we completed the towers with glorious Indian Summer colours of hot pink and orange flowers with lush seasonal foliage.

two floral towers, stone wall, table with matching pink, orange, peach and green colours
Floral towers

After many hours of hard work, we created a short video to demonstrate the construction floral towers. We've tried several methods of containing the contents on the metal ladders and on this occasion we encased sustainable moss with copper mesh. We have since changed this method in favour of small buckets with water and a copper mesh frame.


After the wedding ceremony, we moved the towers from the Longbarn to the Hayloft for the wedding breakfast celebration. The space beside the wedding cake was perfect.

floral tower, wedding cake on wooden table, window above a wooden clad wall
Floral towers


The following floral towers are bridged to create a large archway above the French windows that lead into the function room at Cliff House, Salcombe - Saturday, 3rd September 2022

floral arch with green foliage, white and blue flowers, open door, with brick wall
Floral arch


We provide flowers for a couple of fabulous ladies, knows affectionately as The Hilda's. They hold an annual celebration of their life together every 18th July. This year 2022, the following design is a statement piece at Lympstone Manor. The floral designs must include Strelitzia and white calla lilies. They requested WOW factor for the arrival of their guests, so we used one of the heavy base plates with half a ladder section. We needed to create a design that dressed the concierge desk, which would immediately be recognisable for The Hilda's guests as they entered the hotel.

tropical flowers and foliage arranged in front of a lectern with globe lamps beside a white door
Tropical flowers installation


Claire and Chris's Wedding - Saturday 15th October 2022

We created an Autumnal broken arch to help frame the wedding ceremony space inside the Longbarn, Kingston Estate. The towers were decorated with pale pink, peach and rich burgundy, aubergine tones, with contrasting seasonal foliage

floral towers, stone wall, crystal chandelier and wood beams
Floral towers

Post ceremony the towers were separated for use at two different area of the Kingston Estate. The tall half of the broken tower arch was placed under a stretch tent in the parterre garden beside Kingston House.

floral towers inside a tent
Floral tower

The shorter half of the broken arch was placed at the base of the stairs that lead up to the function room in the Hayloft.

floral arrangement on the floor beside wooden staircase on the
large floral arrangement beside a staircase


Lisa & Chris Connell's Autumnal wedding at the Kingston Estate, Saturday, 22nd October 2022.

The following floral towers are arranged to form an arch on the ceremony gazebo in the Walled garden at Kingston Estate. An abundance of local, seasonal foliage with rich Autumnal hydrangeas, with tonal peach, orange, pink and blue flowers.

floral arch with wooden structure, table with flowers and a brick wall
Floral arch


The following image shows the floral towers outside the Longbarn that were reused from the ceremony gazebo.

floral towers, barn doors wooden wall
Floral towers

Floral towers with open barn doors, long table with flowers and place settings inside the barn
Floral Towers


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