Terms & Conditions of Confirmation for Wedding Flowers



Peak period dates book 6/12 months in advance, we highly recommend confirming your date as soon as possible. An initial consultation (up to one hour) is required prior to securing your date with Bearded Florista. All subsequent consultations without securing your date with a *Booking Fee (non-refundable) are charged for accordingly at †£75 per hour (one-hour min charge). This fee does not apply if you secure your date with a Booking Fee (non-refundable). In the event you cancel your wedding date after securing with a Booking Fee, a break-down of charges will be sent to explain consultation fees.

*Booking Fee is deducted from the final invoice.

†Non-confirmed consultation fee is deducted from the final invoice.


Two Wedding Services

Full Designer Service - Minimum budget £1500 - Involves full dedicated attention from initial enquiry to post-wedding care; including flowers of your choice

Micro Wedding Enquiry - Limited offer - minimal fuss - bridal/groom's party flowers and a couple of floral arrangements - minimum budget £600 (delivery fee extra or collect from the shop)


Booking Fee to Secure your Wedding Date

  • £250 (min) Booking Fee is required for confirmation of your wedding date.

  • In some cases a *Booking Fee of 15% of the estimated total is required to secure the date - e.g. budgets over £3000 - non refundable!

  • The full balance is due no later than 28 days prior the event date.

  • If for any reason you decide to cancel your date the £250/15% Booking Fee is non-refundable.

  • The Booking Fee is subtracted from the final balance wedding invoice.

  • In the event, you cancel your wedding date with Bearded Florista, a break-down of charges will be sent. In the event of you cancelling your date, all consultations, location visits, examples, sketches etc. are charged for including time spent providing estimates.


Cancellation of Event Due to Covid-19/Coronavurus

  • Bearded Florista will be limited by UK Government advice - This section will be updated as instructed by the UK Government - In the event that your wedding is delayed due to Government advice, we urge all clients to postpone the date rather than cancel.

  • We (Don & Phil) will be more than willing to help accommodate new dates - please consult with available options to ensure an alternative date can be accommodated.

  • Bearded Florista will not cancel/postpone events/weddings, because it is a decision to be made by individual clients.

  • New wedding dates need to be negotiated to ensure Bearded Florista can accommodate the necessary change of date.

  • All 2020/21 confirmed dates are available for transferring to new dates.

  • Transferring a confirmed date to a Micro Wedding contract incurs an admin fee of £150 (plus 20% VAT)

  • New dates must be a within reasonable timescale and are not indefinite.

  • 2022 wedding dates are not transferrable

  • A new date involves an additional *booking fee

  • Postponed dates will be honoured for up to 12 months after the original confirmed date with the exception of 2022 dates.

  • The option to confirm two dates requires a second booking fee (fee deducted from final invoice). Non-refunable.

  • Booking Fees are non-refundable (Booking Fees are not deposits)


Estimate, Contract & Payment

  • Estimates are valid for up to 14 days from date sent via email. The wedding date will only be reserved in the diary upon completion of a bank transfer for the requested Booking Fee.

  • No binding contract will exist until you accept the estimate in writing/email and we have confirmed receipt of the Booking Fee.

  • Prices may vary due to market fluctuation, however, no change in price will occur up to 5% after the final estimate has been confirmed by you. If the price of flowers increases dramatically by more than 5%, Bearded Florista will request an increase in budget. If the increase in the budget cannot be agreed, Bearded Florista may only supply flowers/floral arrangements up to the market value of the goods purchased in the 7-14 days prior to your wedding date. Bearded Florista will endeavour to provide the very best quality and arrangements within a given budget. A reduction with items is the most likely option

  • The UK transition period after leaving the EU passed on the 1st January 2021. The British Florist Association and HMRC have informed that UK Agency Fees are 10%.  This tariff is additional to 20% UK VAT.

  • UK Agent Fee: 10% is now added to all costs at the point of entry with UK Customs.

  • At present all UK grown stock is very limited for choice and quantity, which drives prices higher due to supply and demand.

  • Upon accepting an estimation and agreeing with the total sum, Bearded Florista may require 15% of the agreed total sum for your estimate/invoice if more than £3000. A standard booking fee of £250 is payable otherwise.

  • The final payment is due anytime and up to 28 days prior to the wedding date.

  • In the event the client cancels, the balance is liable in full at 28 days prior the event. 50% of the balance is liable within 40 days of the event. Bearded Florista will pursue legal action if a client fails to pay an invoice as agreed.

  • In the event that you choose to reduce your items/budget by more than15% after you have agreed on a total, Bearded Florista will charge an administration fee of £150 (+20% VAT)

  • Professional integrity: Bearded Florista will not supply flowers if the client/third party wants to provide a mixture of their own floral arrangements. Bearded Florista may consider incorporating clients homegrown flowers into the designs arranged by florists at Bearded Florista.


Extra Charges?

  • A delivery/set-up/reuse/collection fee is always in addition to the retail value of the flowers purchased for your wedding and will be applied according to each individual contract. In some cases, there may not be such a fee if the flowers are collected by the customer/client.

  • Items hired from Bearded Florista will be collected the following day. A security fee is required in the form of a debit/credit card and will be Authorised no later than 24 hours prior to your event. This Authorisation is cancelled upon safe return of all Bearded Florista property. All hired items must be returned undamaged or a replacement fee for the item will be charged accordingly.

  • All fees will be clearly outlined in your estimate and final invoice/contract, ensuring no hidden fees.



  • Fresh flowers are a living/natural product and there are occasions that a particular flower or specifically named variety may be unavailable or differ in colour/shade/tone according to the season. Whilst every effort is made to source the product sometimes we are unable to use a particular flower, in which case we reserve the right to use a similar flower in place of one previously chosen. All fresh flowers are subject to availability and stringent quality checks.

  • Extreme weather conditions sometimes affect the availability of flowers and foliage. We will always do our very best to provide within our capabilities and alternatives will be sourced if necessary.

  • Your flowers are ordered approx 7-28 days before your wedding date, after which Bearded Florista cannot guarantee specific flowers.

  • Bearded Florista sources a majority of flowers from The Netherlands for many reasons such as the widest choice of available flowers and affordability. Sometimes transportation can be affected if there are issues with Customs and UK/EU Borders

  • UK grown flowers are very limited and costs are generally higher per stem if available.

  • Quarantine of the UK and or EU State - Bearded Florista may be affected if import/export is stopped during the Covid-19 Pandemic or other pandemics/epidemic/virus infections. Local and national supplies may be affected if the movement of goods throughout the UK is restricted. We cannot guarantee a supply of flowers and relinquish the responsibility in such an event.

Cancellations by the Client

  • Cancellations must be made in writing/email, and notification must be given as soon as possible. Cancellations made on or after 28 days before the wedding date will incur a charge of 100% of the wedding flowers order value. 50% of the balance is liable within 40 days of the event. Bearded Florista will pursue legal action if a client fails to pay an invoice as agreed.

  • If for any reason the wedding is cancelled or altered at any point, special flowers or accessories purchases must be paid for.

  • Emails, telephone and personal meetings are charged for accordingly in the event of cancellation. Emails are £18 each, telephone calls are £18 each and up to £48 per hour, consultations at Bearded Florista are £48 per hour (up to one-hour minimum), on-site/location meetings are £75 for the first hour, plus £48 per hour thereafter (plus travel time and expenses).

  • Booking Fee is non-refundable (Booking Fee is not a deposit). Booking Fee is for services provided such as consultations, estimations, communications etc.


  • Cancellation by Bearded Florista

  • In the event as a last resort due to any unforeseen circumstances that Bearded Florista cancels your contract, no compensation is awarded, other than refunding the Booking Fee and any additional payments that a client has transferred to Blue Geranium Florist. Please ensure you have adequate wedding insurance.

  • Blue Geranium Florist will ensure your event is successfully arranged by approved florists.


Responsibility & Privacy

  • We are not responsible for injuries or damages sustained as a result of broken glass or materials while the floral items and sundries are in your care post handover at set-up time and date. Liability is limited to replacement of supplied goods and no responsibility will be accepted for any consequential loss.

  • When you place an order with us or make an online enquiry we gather certain information which you submit, including an email address and contact details that we require to action your request. We will not sell, lend or disclose your information to any third party other than for the dispatch of your order.