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How to attach a buttonhole...

I kid you not, it's easy to get it so wrong as we've witnessed over the years. Often the pin is just stuck through the stem on the lapel, which will only hold for a few minutes until you start moving about and the floral design slips and droops looking rubbish. Even worse is forcing the neatly tied stems through the tight stitched hole. Contemporary buttonhole designs include dressed stems, which are either open with a simple hemp tie or neatly wrapped with silk and a pin for attaching from behind the lapel.

The attached short, 23 second video demonstrates just how easy it is to pin a floral buttonhole/boutonniere to a lapel on a jacket.

• Hold buttonhole on the lapel

• Flip lapel over with other hand

• Pin through the outline of the stems, creating a bar for the buttonhole to rest firmly

• Return lapel flat to jacket and ensure buttonhole is inline with the shape of lapel

Please feel free to share this How to vlog

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